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UnBelieve It!

Unlock your Cultural Wealth! Learn how to navigate systmic barriers found in Higher Educational Institutions.

Although I had worked very hard and sacrificed quite a lot, I was able to earn my doctorate degree from an elite university in Canada, as a Black woman coming from a diverse cultural background. However,  I was never able to secure the coveted “tenure,” a permanent full-time position. This affected my self-worth for quite a while, during my role as an adjunct professor in the university. I still have not gained a tenure position. In fact, I have moved away from that environment for a bit, to pursue my true calling as an entrepreneur and author.

It finally occurred to me that my value is in who I am, and not in what I do, or where I do it. I slowly began to learn how to Unbelieve the lies that kept telling otherwise. The truth is, your gifting is who you are, and your job is just what you do.

It’s also important for me to let you know, as I have discovered that, how you perceive yourselves determines how you will live your life. Negative perceptions come from what other people (lies) tell us about who we are; lies that we end up believing about ourselves. It should not, and must not continue to be like this.

After just minutes a day, you too can discover how to cultivate an Unbelieve It mindset. Through specific exercises and lessons that I have designed, I give examples of how to achieve this life-changing new way of seeing yourself and living in your authentic truth.

In my soon-to-be-published book,  called Unbelieve It! I share my own success story of how I was victimized by many lies for many years. I also show you how to identify your own lies, and how to recognize the various historical sources that these lies originate from such as: the family, the educational system, the church, and even the various relationships (some toxic) that you have adapted to over time.

They all become deceptive tools that cut deeply into your self-worth and erode your true value. It’s time to shed the weight of these lies from your life and replace them with a lighter mind, a decisive action plan, and a determined resolve to become your best you. When you become more, you can do more, for those around you and for causes that you care about.

Even as an unlikely Ph.D., I still had to overcome systemic lies that threatened to derail my success.  Yet I was, and am still determined to make my success my revenge on all of those liars  I encountered on my journey. I want to help you do the same.

So why not pre-order your copy of the upcoming book call Unbelieve It! by sending a request through the “Contact Me” form. I challenge you to  Unbelieve It! and to shine in the brilliance that is meant for your life.

Watch out for the coaching opportunities in achieving and maintaining an Unbelieve It Mindset. Coming soon…