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Education Consulting

BrownTree Consulting Group

Let Your Voice Be Heard and  Represented.

BrownTree  Education Consulting Group acts as a Social Justice Advocate, Mediator and Consultanting Support for  Black, and racialized students, Faculty, as well as providing individualized solutions for the  Leadership in Higher Education.

Our focus is student engagement, enrollment re-building, distance learning for diverse communities, experiential learning.

We don’t just know the policies, we know the people.”

– Dr. Leonie



Services  Provided for Higher Education Institutions

  •  Education Consulting for strategies around social justice, equity, diversity, inclusive building techniques for education.
  • Education Program Development with Critical Race Lens
  • Needs assessment  analysis
  • Diagnostic tool to access ability of students from various racially and culturally diverse backgrounds.
  • Program Evaluations to ensure effectiveness and accountability.
  • Research building designs and support
  • Academic Advising, Faculty support building.

BrownTree Consulting Group (BCG), is unique in its approach to providing services and solutions in the area of cultural wealth building and inclusivity training for business and educational institutions.  With Dr. Leonie as the principal consultant, at BrownTree and a former  University of Toronto professor,  this firm implements a Cultural Wealth framework that quickly identifies existing but frequently underutilized skills of Black and racialized skilled workers, professionals, and students by using an innovative cultural coding system that she has created.

This approach underpins the work of other management consultant agencies or other Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) specialists, who tend to focus only on the Black-Anti racism lens. Therefore, our methodology ensures more impactful and strategic training, education,  and most important bottom-line outcomes.

Dr. Leonie is not new to the scene and has been working and researching in the area of social justice, equity, access, and cultural wealth for over 10 years. Therefore our expertise is deeply rooted in both our evidence-based academic and practical knowledge, as well as the expert knowledge of our uniquely combined lived experience.

Collaboration Opportunity:

BrownTree  Education Consulting is committed to social justice and equitable outcomes for students and faculty in higher education. This firm is always looking for forward-thinking and like-minded companies and stakeholders interested in uplifting the community, to collaborate with or generate grants and research with.  Please fill out the form below so that we can determine how we can help one another.