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Cultural Wealth Strategist

Thanks for coming to my website. My name is Dr. Leonie Brown, “Dr. Leonie” for short.

I was a professor who is now an Education Consultant and business owner. With 20 years of teaching experience and 12 years of expertise in creating and developing inclusive programming and curriculum for higher education, I designed a new concept called “Cultural Wealth Strategy.” It is an innovative Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) module that enhances and sustains your existing modules for your educational institution,your business, or workplace.

This new approach was developed from my doctoral research (published in peer-reviewed journal, 2019), called, “Cultural Wealth: Keys to Success,” designed to help BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) uncover their own inner-abilities based on their cultural background, influences and strengths. I have seen first hand how this strategy has changed lives, and elevated the confidence of students who routinely face systemic barriers.

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Education  Consulting

BrownTree Education Consulting helps ediucational institions, private business, and social organizations who serve racially and culturally diverse students, faculty (especially women) succeed and navigate through difficult structural barriers, using an innovative Cultural Wealth model. This model was first introduced by Latina researcher, Tara Yosso, in 2005.
The Cultural Wealth system has a unique way of creating inclusive spaces and positive growth for cohorts who are often underserved and under-represented in learning and/or commercial industries.
We show companies how to implement this system into their exisitng business models, so that they can attract and give the best services and support to this expanding globally diverse cohort that has unpacked valuable cultural wealth at their disposal, for you to utilize and benefit from.

Unbelieve It!

Learn how to cultivate a new mindset to unlock your authentic truth with Dr. Leonie's upcoming book, Unbelieve It!.

Keynote Speaking

DRLEONIE.COM: A Word From Past Clients.

“In 2017, I hired Dr. Brown (BrownTree Consulting) as my personal consultant and writing coach. I saw immediate and excellent improvement to my previous level of (on the job) writing skills. I found that she provided invaluable insight for communications both written and visual for various mediums (Including Email, Documents, Powerpoint, Video, Youtube and Web) which have proven to be useful to me in my management role. I continue to leverage daily to develop my communication skills both professionally and personally.”

Lance FlashManager

“"Our Faith community hired Dr. Leonie as a speaker to talk to our online members. She delivered an inspiring, thought provoking message about how to 'unbelieve' the lies that block your well being. What a great example of inner strength, beauty and wealth for all ages. Thank you, so much."”

Female Church Elder